Indoor Oven Features

20Mj/hrPower-Flo™ Burners

True simmering re-defined.

The most advanced custom designed burners in the industry, from ‘true simmering’ to a powerful 20Mj/hr. The burners are capable of a low 1Mj/hr and have auto re-ignition feature meaning if the flame is blown out the unit will automatically re-ignite the burner.

The burner is designed to distribute heat evenly, reducing hot spots.

Flex-Roll Oven Racks

Effortlessly check and access your meals.

Patent pending chrome-plated steel Flex Roll™ Oven Racks, provide the smoothest, most effortless range of motion in the industry. The racks are easily removable for the Automatic Cleaning Process. Three oven racks with four rack positions, and a broiling pan come standard.

Upright Cookers with Oven Racks

Infra-Q™ BBQ-Grill& Thermo Griddle™ Plate

Grill and sear conveniently without leaving your kitchen.

Powerful Infra-QTM ceramic tile burner can produce temperature in excess of 500ºC for quick, efficient and powerful searing. Safely cook vegetables and fish, all on the safe burner without suffering a loss of power or control.

Infra-QTM barbecue grill plate is made of 100% stainless steel making it an excellent heat conductor.

The Teppanyaki grill plate is made of restaurant quality 10mm thick non-rusting stainless steel making it extremely durable and helping to maintain temperatures for longer.

Note: Only available on selected models

Infra-Broil™ Broiler

Precise optimum temperature.

Enjoy the precise temperature control on the fastest infrared broiler in the industry. 18K - 500º within 15 min. Capital’s glass encased broiler generates heat faster and makes cleaning up simple and easy.

Capital Upright Cooker | Oven Glass Broiler

40-Watt Bright Oven Lights

Our powerful oven light comes standard on all Capital ovens and allows you to accurately observe the progress of your cooking.

Save on heat loss and reduce how often you pull open the oven door – practical and cost effective.

Upright Cooker with Oven Door and Hinge

Heavy Duty Oven Doors & Hinges

State of the art design and construction make this door cooler to the touch than any other.

Sturdy, heavy-duty and effortless to position with a 1 1/4” pro-style handle. An extra large viewing window allows you to easily check on the progress of your cooking.

The glass is designed to be cool to the touch and is seamlessly integrated to keep cleaning spills easy. Sturdy, heavy-duty and effortless to position with a 30mm pro-style handle.

Upright Cooker with Oven Door and Hinge

Moto-Rotis™ Rotisserie System

Outdoor BBQ technology comes indoors.

The industry’s first motorized rotisserie system allows you to broil mouth-watering, evenly cooked meals at up to 285ºC. Rotisserie split rod and prongs are made of heavy-duty, stainless steel, are built to last and a snap to clean. Basting pan included.

Upright Cooker with Oven Rotisserie

Stay-Cool™ Metal Knobs

Always cool to the touch and made of restaurant grade, die cast chrome plated metal with cool grip plastic inserts.

Featuring bold graphics for east-to-read settings.

Stay Cool Oven Knobs in upright Cooker

Hot Surface Ignition

The Capital oven range uses a system called ‘Hot Surface Ignition’ which is used to monitor the flame via an electronic thermostat, such that when the appliances reaches the set temperature the burner is signaled to turn off.

The system is very economical and accurate, meaning that during a two hour cooking program the burner is only consuming gas for approximately 20-25 minutes.

Upright Cooker feature - Oven Hot Surface Ignition

Extra Large Capacity Interior

Capital has made room for all your cooking needs with the spacious commercial sized oven with a 140 Litre capacity.

Precision series ranges accommodate full size (46cm x 68cm) commercial baking trays. Our oven accommodates every baking project, whether large or small, casual or serious.

Upright Cooker with Oven Door and Hinge

Pyrolytic Cleaning System

During this unique cleaning process the oven door is automatically locked and the interior of the oven is super heated to around 500ºC turning food spoils and waste into ash. This ash can then be wiped away with a damp sponge making cleaning a breeze.

Natural gas and LPG makes the oven environmentally friendly and also cost effective.

Capital Upright Cooker with Oven Pyrolytic Cleaning System

Titanium Speck Porcelain Oven Interior

Durable, high quality oven interior which is very resistant to high temperatures and scratches.

Capital Upright Cooker with Oven Pyrolytic Cleaning System

304 Grade Stainless Steel Body

Every Capital appliances is engineered and then handcrafted to the highest standards using 304 grade stainless steel by a dedicated team of industry professionals in California, USA.