Outdoor BBQ Features

Quality Handcrafted Construction

High quality seamless stainless steel product
created to the highest standards by Capital's
expert manufacturing team

W Shaped Burner

Our exclusive dual W shaped burner is made of 100%
stainless steel and is engineered to produce a larger heated area, eliminating hotspots. Sparks up with electronic ignition system, providing high heat for zone style cooking results.

Zone cooking feature allows optimisation of temperature zones. Each burner has a heat divider between them that allows you to hold different temperatures on each zone without the heat diverting to the neighbouring zone.

Flame failure with auto-reignition if flame goes out. This is designed for the highest levels of safety and performance.

Flush Mounted Rotisserie

Create mouth-watering, restaurant quality rotisserie meals in your own backyard with the high-powered integrated hidden rotisserie motor which helps to provide a clean look. The stainless steel rod and 2 forks supplied will hold up to a massive 25kg.

The rotisserie system boasts a flush mounted infrared burner at the rear of the BBQ.

Flush Mounted Rotisserie in the outdoor bbq

30Mj Infrared-Zone Burner

Infrared-Zone Cooking with a 10mm thick stainless steel flat plate gives you a quick sear with high radiant of up to 1000ºC that keeps food juicier and healthier.

Die-Cast Knobs & Electronic Ignition

Die-cast chrome plated knobs with black trim and stainless steel bezels which remain cool to the touch.

The knobs are illuminated while the BBQ is on to help increase visibility. Innovative electronic ignition system provides a reliable and consistent source of flame.

Stainless Steel Grates &Smoker Box

Solid Stainless Steel channeled grates encourage oil drainage and are designed for longer life and reducing flare-ups.

The stainless steel smoker box will have you creating deep, smoky flavours in your BBQ. Easy to use, another Capital exclusive feature.

Outdoor BBQ Kitchen with a BBQ Smoker Box

Integrated Halogen Lighting System

Powerful lighting system strategically located to ensure the best lighting whilst cooking.

Outdoor BBQ with built in light

Stainless Steel Ceramic Rods

Designed to evenly distribute heat across the cooking surface by reducing flare ups and preventing flames from directly reaching food.

Stainless Steel Ceramic Rods are a Capital exclusive.

Stainless steel Ceramic Rods to prevent flame reaching to food

Stainless Steel Hood

Featuring Lift-Assist technology to provide easy access and reduce energy required to open the hood. The double lined hood minimizes heat discoloration and warping. Lift-Assist is a Capital exclusive.

Smart Drip Pan Tray

Smart drip system which catches fats and oils. Sitting below the grill surface, the tray is supported by a ball bearing slide system and is removable to make it easy to clean.

Built In BBQ with a Dip tray for excess oils

10mm Thick Stainless Steel Grill Plate

12" wide, 10mm thick stainless steel grill plate designed for usage above the 30Mj Infrared Zone Burner, allowing it to reach extremely high temperatures.

The thickness of the plate helps to make it extremely durable and maintain temperatures for longer whilst evenly distributing heat.

The grill plate comes standard with the purchase of any Capital BBQ.

Note: Additional grill plates can be purchased as an accessory.

Text LayerHeavy Duty Storage Drawers

Heavy duty storage drawers to hold all of
your essential cooking tools and ingredients.

Note: Only available on cart model BBQs
Drawer setup may vary depending on size and
model of BBQ selected

Vinyl Cover

High quality vinyl cover included with the purchase of any Capital BBQ.

The cover will help to protect your BBQ and keep it clean when not in use.

Vinyl Cover to keep outdoor bbq kitchen clean

Wood Chopping Board

High quality Capital branded wood chopping board included with the purchase of any Capital BBQ.

Capital BBQ comes with a Chopping board