30 Mj/hr W Shaped Burners

100% Stainless Steel, our exclusive W shape burner is engineered to produce a larger, more powerful heating area while providing consistent heat, efficiently and precisely, throughout the cooking process. The unique heat dispersion plates located over each of these burners ensures a uniform transference of heat to the open griddle sections.


30Mj/hr SEAR ZONE infrared Burner

Capital’s Infrared-Zone Cooking has been engineered for producing that perfectly seared steak. The extremely high surface temperatures (1,000 degrees) of this burner ensures that the juices are locked in every time you cook your favourite cut of meat. The exclusive internal section dividers enable you to cook efficiently at different temperatures without cross-temperature transference (eg. slow cooking over one burner and fast cooking at high temp over another).

Flush Mounted Rotisserie Burner

Create mouth-watering, restaurant worthy rotisserie meals in your own backyard. Included is a pair of rotisserie forks, allowing for easy attachment of several different cuts of meat to the rotisserie rod. Get juicer, perfectly browned roasted meats that are undeniably better tasting with the flush mounted Infrared Rotisserie. The 240V rotisserie motor has been designed for the serious cook and, seamlessly integrated, holds up to 22Kg of succulent meats as well as being fitted with flame failure safety for that extra piece of mind.

Capital’s Seamless Construction

High quality 18/10 304 grade Stainless steel, hand crafted
seamless construction – is a standard on every Capital product,
meaning no sharp corners.

Double layered Stainless Steel Hood

The grill hoods use a double layer of high quality stainless steel that reduces heat loss and maintains safe external hood temperature at all times.