Flame Grilled American Cheese Burgers


1. 5 kg premium beef mince
2. 6 burger buns
3. 1 large brown onion
4. 2 large tomatoes
5. 500g cheddar cheese block
6. ¼ small iceberg lettuce head
7. tomato relish
8. mayonnaise
9. sea salt flakes
10. cracked pepper
11. olive oil


1. Turn the two burners on the left side of your capital BBQ on high with the grill bars on top for 5 minutes with the hood down. After the 5 minutes turn down to a medium heat.
2. Mix your mince in a large mixing bowl do not season the mince at this stage. Divide into 6 pieces and roll into balls then press and shape roughly 2cm larger than your burger buns and set aside to come to room temperature. (you want the burgers to be fairly thick 2.5cm at least)
3. Slice your burger buns in half set aside. Peel and slice your onions into rings but do not pull apart as it will be harder to grill. Slice your tomatoes and break up your ice berg into large chunks. Cut your cheese into a square then slice into 6 pieces approximately .5cm thick.
4. Season your beef patties with sea salt and cracked pepper and lightly cover with olive oil making sure you cover every inch of each patty. Lift the hood of you BBQ and turn back up to high then place your patties on the grill and close the lid.
5. After 10 minutes check your patties the myglobin (blood) should seep from the top if so flip your patties and cook for a further 10 minutes. Also place your onion rings on the grill after flipping the patties.
6. Keep an eye on your onions as they will brown quickly (2mins) cook until tender and set aside. Brush your burger buns with olive oil and toast for 30 seconds on the inside only and set aside.
7. When the patties are cooked place the cheese slices on top followed by your onion then close the lid of your BBQ and turn off your grill.
8. After 2 minutes lift the lid of your grill and pull out your burger patties and allow resting time of 5 minutes. Meanwhile start to build you burgers by spreading mayonnaise on the bottom of the buns then place the tomato on top, followed by the burgers and then spread the BBQ sauce on the lids and place on top of the patties. Serve with chips or a salad.